Jee Dee Vee Jee ♪♪


You can call me JeeDee.

20 years old | NBSB (no boyfriend since birth. yuuuuh!)

MUSIC is my life.

*The Ball Brothers:
--> I Smile. Happy Am I. What If. Eyes On Me. Not Anymore. Over the Horizon

*One Direction: (I'm not really their big fan before. I begin to appreciate their music through@imaginator1d and I learn to love the boys, especially HARRY STYLES ♥)
--> Back To You. Tell me a Lie. Diana. Gotta Be You. Over Again. Summer Love. I Want. I Wish. Story of my Life. Taken. I Would. Moments. Up all Night. Heart Attack, C'mon C'mon. Midnight Memories. Stole my Heart. Rock Me. She's Not Afraid. Stand Up. They don't know about us.

*The Fray:
--> Heartbeat. How to Save a Life. Look after you. Never say never. Oceans Away. Over my Head. You found me.

- I'm the middle child.
- I have short nails.
- I always wear below-the-knee skirts.
- I have 18 younger cousins.
- My 2nd degree cousins are musicians. (Yuuuuh! It runs in the blood)
- I started PIANO and VOICE lessons when I was 3.
- I eat A LOT :3
- I play saxophone and I'm part of our church's orchestra.
- I don't have pants. (yeah seriously XD)
- I want to settle down at the age of 27 and have twins.
- i love Hello Kitty, summer, pasta's, biking, hanging out in bookstores, reading, watching foreign movies and travelling.

Fave Quote: True friends stab you in the front :)

"See the fruit, climb the tree and enjoy the sweetness"
♥ JeeDee ♥

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